Still Breathing

Okay, this is not going to be so bad. While I did not actually get the keys yesterday because the carpet guy was still there, I did get to talk to my landlord about some improvements to the house. Kitchen: possible remodel/definite addition of dishwasher, courtesy of Mr. Lassiter’s woodworking expertise. Guest room: definite paint job (Glidden, some color other than WHITE)/possible removal of carpet and covering of plywood patch in floor by a rug. Addition of small shelves into the former window in my office.

I have notified the cable company of my impending move. I have requested service from the power company (which requires a $150 deposit…ouch) and once that is done I can get in touch with the gas company so I’ll have heat.

I took Hunky with me yesterday and he walked through the house with his ears at full attention. Cutie pie…he seemed to approve of the backyard and actually laid down on the carpet in the guest room while I was talking with the landlord. Other half of my soul, that dog is…

As usual, I have built this moving thing up to be so incredibly much more awfully worse than it actually will be. I can Griswald anything, and usually with very stressful results. (Don’t get the Griswald reference? Go rent National Lampoon’s Vacation right now. This instant. Go. Shoo.)

Now to pack…the absolute worst part.

2 thoughts on “Still Breathing”

  1. Good luck if you\’re trying to get Charter cable. We\’ve been trying to get them to hook up cable internet for two weeks now, and they just simply won\’t come out and do it.I guess they want us to keep paying BellSouth for DSL, the bastards.Yeah, Duke Power is eeeevil with the deposit, but the good news is as long as you pay them on time, when you move again, you won\’t have to pay another deposit – you can just transfer service.I\’m very happy for you, Nan. Can\’t wait to visit you in your new digs.

  2. Two things in my favor then…I can transfer service from our house in Anderson up to the new place in Greenville with Duke Power. Also, I already have Charter in Anderson and the house has a Charter box on the side already, so I\’m golden in that respect. I wonder why they won\’t come do your internet? I do know that it took a long time for them to get to us in Anderson but that was because the service simply wasn\’t offered where we lived when we first moved down there.

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