On Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Yesterday was the last day of this season for the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I can’t post on that yet. I’m incredibly sad…so much more than I have been in years past. I think it’s because our group got so close in the seven weeks we were there…anyway, that will be another post for another time.

Today I panic.

Tomorrow I get the keys for my new house. I don’t know when I’m moving, I don’t even know when exactly I’m getting the keys. However…it’s coming, and I need to wrap my Change-Fearing mind around that and get past it. I have to pack and clean and all the stuff that goes along with moving. Blech.

Saturday night I tried to set my house on fire, apparently. As I was going to bed, I took off my necklace and tossed it onto my makeup bag as I have done a zillion times in the past…only this time it got hooked on the plug for my hairdryer. Apparently there was enough current there (even though the hairdryer was off…that plug is known for buzzing and sparking a bit) to cause a reaction with the chain of the necklace. All I knew at the time was that I saw sparks and the lights went out in the bathroom. I thought a bulb had blown/exploded, so I reported it to Scott and went to bed. The next morning we realized the breaker had been tripped, so he removed the lightbulb from the socket and then turned the breaker back on. Hmmm, thinks Nan, my necklace is hanging from the hairdryer plug. As I reach up to pull it off, more sparks and a pop.

Turns out my necklace had MELTED to the plug. In the daylight we could see that there was soot on the wall just above the plug. Oops. Scott got very angry at me for that, even though I protested that it was an accident, that I’d thrown my necklace over there just like that a million times before, and that maybe it was actually a fault of the outlet (remember the buzzing and sparking I mentioned before?). I told him that I felt it was not fair of him to be angry at me for something that was so clearly an accident.

He felt that accident or no it was irresponsible of me to toss the necklace and it could have burned the house down.

Close door, open window…gimme those keys.

2 thoughts on “On Closing Doors and Opening Windows”

  1. yeah well – tell him to shut up or the next time you burn down the house you\’ll make sure he\’s in it! i\’m glad you\’re getting out of there. 🙂

  2. I mean, I totally understand the fear of one\’s house burning down…but it was an accident so getting mad at me was inappropriate…or am I insane (hush, Thug)?

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