Welcome Home

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This is it…my new home. My home that’s all mine, that I don’t share with anyone but my animals. My home that I will get the keys for on the 15th and move into sometime after that (when it’s cleaned up a bit and ready).

This is such a huge step and I’m scared witless, but it is a good thing and the right thing to be doing. Now I can get on with my life. My life, lived the way I want to live it.

More details as the moving commences…

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home”

  1. It\’s so cute inside, too. It has hardwood floors, and the ceilings are wood-paneled, and it has a fireplace and built-in shelves on the walls.The backyard is awesome – very shady – and it has a wood deck that\’s perfect for a grill.I\’m so excited for you, Nan, and I can\’t wait to help you decorate! 🙂

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