Be Bold, Be Beautiful…

Well Hiya Puppy!
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

Be A Greyhound in a Sea of Bellydancers!! This is what happens when you’re a handsome trio of greyhounds just hanging out at the Renn Fest… (l-r) Reggie, Profile, and Tim Tam charming the Jewels of the Caravan. Ai-a-wa, puppies!

2 thoughts on “Be Bold, Be Beautiful…”

  1. Hehe, those greyhounds look very happy.I can\’t wait til next Saturday, when we get to go to Ren Fest with Drew-bear! He\’s gonna love it.

  2. Profile was especially happy because Nayna, the bellydancer to his right (our left) has veeeerrrryyyyy long fingernails and she was giving him scritches…the reason they\’re all looking at him is because he had just started the foot thing in response to the scratching! LOL

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