A bright spot

I have a real tendancy to let myself get overwhelmed and subsequently lose it. A prime example would be me riding through Charlotte on Tuesday morning looking for where I was supposed to meet and pick up Kalyne for CRF School Days. The more I discovered I was utterly lost and not anywhere NEAR where I was supposed to be the more hysterical I got, pounding the steering wheel, cursing like a sailor and scaring the life out of the three dogs in the back. I was even angry that I couldn’t cry because I had makeup on and no way to fix it if it ran…that’s how bad it was. I wasn’t mad at Kalyne or CRF or the idiot drivers cutting me off…I was just past the point of exhaustion (mostly mentally but somewhat physically as well) and lost my mind temporarily.

Yesterday that feeling of sanity was again stripped from me with a blinding migraine followed by the news (alluded to in yesterday’s post) that I would not be moving into the beautiful little yellow house in Greenville. By the end of the day my migraine was gone but little of my sanity had returned…I was feeling the need to write, sew, clean, and run away all at once, and could muster the energy for none of it.

Today, however, I’ve had a bright spot. It’s a bit sad, because I miss my Lizzard Angel still, but it makes me happy to know that I’ve made someone else happy…I got this in email this morning:

I just wanted to let you know that I got the book “Blind Faith”, yesterday and just fell in love with Liz. What a greyt story told from her point of view.

I think I actually smiled, but don’t hold me to that.

2 thoughts on “A bright spot”

  1. That\’s cool about the book thing.Yea, umm, glad you\’re not mad at me.And you not having sanity is different from anyday, how???:)

  2. LOL Good one…can\’t wait for the weekend, huh?Of course I wasn\’t mad at you. I was working myself too hard…and have had the 1.5 day migraine to prove it.

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