For those of you following my housing saga…

This will NOT be the porch on which I will greet you to welcome you to my new home…

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we will not have tea in this front room while gazing at the neighborhood outside through the wavy old glass in the windows…

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and I’m remarkably okay with that. I do have a migraine today, but other than that, I’m okay with the fact that this house wasn’t meant to be mine. I guess there is a reason somewhere, and it will be clear to me why someday, but it just wasn’t the right house for me. Nevermind the built in china cabinets and perfect little mudroom on the back.

Back to the house hunt.

5 thoughts on “For those of you following my housing saga…”

  1. Don\’t, I could have been more clear in my post. I will not be living in that house, cute and perfect though it may have been.

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