Back to reality…at least for one day

Every morning I have a routine. Get up, check email, drink a cup of coffee, give out cat meds, feed the cats. Take up the cat bowls, give out dog meds, feed the dogs. Clean the litter box and have another cup of coffee.

It’s really not that hard.

After a weekend away at CRF, I came home to find the litterbox not cleaned, no food in the fridge for the dogs for this morning, and the exact same amount of Franny’s prednisone as was here when I left on Saturday.

It’s really hard for me to feel good about staying up there when I can’t depend on their care being continued while I’m gone. I’ve had to alter my plans for kids days from staying with Sharon to driving up and back each day because of that fact. Profee and Franny are on prednisone…5 days at two a day, 5 days at one a day and then every other day. This will be the second time we’ve…no, I’ve had to start Franny’s over because it wasn’t done while I was gone.

Guess I won’t be getting any new garb done for tomorrow. It was just a bodice too, very easy…but I’ll be out buying dog food, cleaning the litterbox, getting flea and tick prevention (because a doggie houseguest we had awhile back brought us some fleas, unfortunately), and trying to identify the strange smell in my house. I guess I can always get the bodice done tomorrow…

Slightly updated…Profile did get his meds and Franny got some of hers, the liquid one, over the weekend. The flea and tick treatment (a Capstar pill each and a round of Frontline for the dogs and Advantage for the cats) was over $100…but there won’t be any more doggies or kitties chewing on themselves due to fleas. It was also reiterated that dirty litter boxes can lead to UTIs in cats…so we’ll see what happens this weekend. Off to the laundromat!

5 thoughts on “Back to reality…at least for one day”

  1. I haven\’t had the chance yet. He was asleep when I got home and left before I got up this morning. I guess if you consider not cleaning the litter box for 2 days (one box for 3 cats), not giving out any medication, and leaving them with nothing to eat this morning not looking after them…And to top it off, I cut my finger on the lid of the mackeral can feeding them breakfast. I want to go back to bed and start over.

  2. seriously nan – you need to kick some ass. whatever beef he has with you shouldn\’t be taken out on the animals. i know you know that – want me to kick his ass for you?

  3. Oh Nan – was it Alex who brought you the fleas? I\’m so sorry! Come over some time and let me buy you lunch to make up for it. Or several lunches. Seriously.Also, I agree with Liz; it\’s definitely ass-kickin\’ time.

  4. Don\’t worry about it for a minute, Amy. I knew she had fleas Tuesday night at your house before we even took her to the vet, and I still wouldn\’t have given up the chance to have that last weekend with her for the world. 🙂

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