Nan and Kalyne Stick Weaving

Nan and Kalyne Weaving
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

The very first year we did CRF, there were two nannies associated with the mayor’s court. One of them taught us “dog ladies” how to do Stick Weaving which is a period appropriate craft. I refer to it now as my Portable Loom Addiction. In this very bad bad picture of me (I’m gonna get you, Debbie, for that one! Hehe) you can see me showing our greyhound groupie, Kalyne, how to get started. She has already succumbed to the addiction and had her first scarf done by Monday.

8 thoughts on “Nan and Kalyne Stick Weaving

  1. I would have had my other one done today, if I wouldn\’t have had a headache.GRRRRR! You\’re talking about how bad you look? Look at me! Plus you\’re the one who uploaded it you big goof.Still have my headache. Day 2 1/2.


  2. Mary Catherine still wears the scarf you made for her, but it\’s getting a bit well-loved! I love it when she wears it because it reminds me of you. 🙂


  3. Finished another scarf and am half-way done with another, which means I\’ll hopefully be able to get it done today. And I hope Rocket-Grace houndtobenamedlater will be there.


  4. ah – I will take one this weekend. I thought I sent you one before.. colours – anything really. she\’s very girly so pink would be very appropriate. 🙂


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