1. hey my 8 year anniversary to Joe is tomorrow.. I so know where you\’re coming from. it gets better.. wait until you actually forget your anniversary! it\’s a weird (but great) feeling.


  2. You know, the urge to visit the UK has been very strong lately…hmmmmm


  3. Oh oh, I wanna go to the UK too! Wait \’til I get some money and we\’ll go together…:)I bet Liz knows of some cheap yet non-scary places we could stay, huh huh?


  4. Yeah, like her floor? heheheBeware, England…YHC calling!Oh dear LORD I need sleep…


  5. you are welcome on my floor (or better yet, my guest room!) any time.


  6. I know how you feel….my ten year was in July and it hurt….hugs….


  7. Did I mention that he brought me home three yellow roses Monday night? /sigh


  8. Quit yer whinin\’. Kick yourself in the ass and get on with life (you knew I\’d say something like that didn\’t you).


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