Warning, Mood Set to Snarky

Someone on a message board I frequent used that word yesterday and I love it. It works for how I’m feeling today, for sure. I was thinking about things that make me feel snarky and came up with a nice list.

1. Small people who make themselves feel big by being bullies to others.

Is it just me, or is this now running rampant with the popularity of message boards and other forms of “anonymous” online communication? These bullies can sit in their darkened rooms and be as big and bad as they like with no threat of physical retribution. As I’m writing this though, I’m not sure if these folks would produce snarky or just elicit plain old pity from me. It’s sad to feel that in order to have control over something you have to bully someone via a medium where they really can’t fight back. At least I could get a pinch in on the one that stole my lunch money…

2. Skirts with drawstrings.

Inevitably I think every time I need a new piece of garb for festival that a skirt with a drawstring will be a good idea. I mean seriously, who wants to spend hours and hours of frustration getting those pleats folded just right only to run your sewing machine at light years below the speed limit to make sure you don’t miss one? Wouldn’t you rather spend hours and hours threading one darned boot lace through what seems to be millions of yards of fabric only to accidentally lose the other end as you’re threading and have to start all over? Huh?

3. Things that don’t work like they are supposed to work.

My sister and father and I were all born with low tolerances for this occurance. Susan will say loudly “I HATE this (whateveritis that isn’t working).” Daddy will proclaim that he’s tired of this (whateveritis that isn’t working) and stand up and leave in a huff. I take things one step further…if it is small enough I will throw whatever it is. If it isn’t small enough…watch out kitties. Currently my computer is picking and choosing which sounds it wants to play. I am not amused.

Those are my current gripes, but just give me time, I’m sure there will be more. The first one is still raising my blood pressure, but as with all things that I can’t control I am trying to write it off as a detail.

When I figure out how to do that, I’ll be sure to post it.

5 thoughts on “Warning, Mood Set to Snarky”

  1. \”It\’s sad to feel that in order to have control over something you have to bully someone via a medium where they really can\’t fight back.\”You mean like a blog?

  2. Nope, not at all. You just posted something, no? Not this blog anyway. I\’m not afraid of people posting comments to my blog, and by posting comments they have the ability to \”fight back\” if they feel that I have attacked them. So, no, at least not this blog. You\’ll notice that my name and where I live and all that is on the front page because I have nothing to hide. Thanks for the comment though…whomever you are.

  3. As for your number one, I\’ve noticed that a lot lately. I\’m a member of a message board where I no longer feel comfortable posting anything. I don\’t get any more than 3 replies for any post I make, nevermind the fact that I do favors for users all the time and dedicate a lot of effort to that place… Because after all that, I feel violated and backstabbed because of the private section, knowing I can\’t do anything to know about what\’s being said. Like you said, some people abuse their power – the god complex is introduced, etc. I hate that there is such segregation into \”clubs\” so much that I\’ve decided not to frequent that board any more. It\’s sad, because it used to be a fun thing to participate in. I feel badly, though, like I\’m punishing the creator for doing nothing wrong.

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