What a day…

(This post is being edited because I was reminded today, 10/7/05, that I don’t have to be snotty, snide, rude, or anything else of the sort to get a point across. That’s not my style anyway, and it’s just plain wrong. The old “if you can’t say something nice…” Thank you, “Smiley-Riley,” for the reminder.)

Let me preface this whole thing by saying I have a very neato nifty little thing on my blog that you can see down on the right hand side in the buttons section. It says Stat Counter, and it lets me see all kinds of stuff about who is visiting my blog and when and all that. It has an option to make that info public, but since it shows the referring page and some of my message boards are member only/private, I have opted to keep that info private.

Now, on with the post…

Today started out fairly normally. I got all but the hem and the drawstring done on the black underskirt for my stripey costume, so barring a catastrophic sewing machine failure I should be wearing that costume again on Sunday of this weekend. Huzzah! I’m also in the planning stages for a bodice or two to go with the black skirt…something for Halloween weekend and Pirate Christmas weekend. We’ll see.

I think I should also pause to point out here that I have done all the work on that skirt without a pattern. I am not a seamstress, nor do I play one on tv. Two years ago I could barely cut out a pattern. Now I’m eyeballing a skirt and when I went to put it together the pieces fit!


I had another reminder today to keep in touch with what is really important and leave the rest to be a detail…several actually. The first was the reminder that it has been a year today since I gave up a vice that was ruining my health and my life. I didn’t realize it had been a year until I was driving up the road and answering a page and noticed the date on my pager. I’ve been through hell in the past year, several times over, and not once did I give up on my decision to live a healthier life. I’ve had and still have more stress than a normal person should ever be asked to carry, and I still remain dedicated to the decision I made a year ago today.

Today also marked one month since I took control of my life and my heart and stopped letting relationships I made online take as much of my focus as the people and relationships that are right here in front of me. One month since I got my priorities back in order and got back to my real friends and my real life…people who know the real me, and love me anyway.

Work was rough today. I was having a hard time compartmentalizing and being just the interpreter during some of what I worked with today. In fact, I had tears in my eyes by the end, and that never happens…or at least it shouldn’t…

So why did I bring up the stat counter? Because I can see who is reading this…I can see who is listening. Some of those folks are the real life friends that I care about, and that I am glad to see turn up in the ISP list. It is for them that I post…it is to them that I am speaking in my posts.

The rest of this post has been edited. My Mom would be proud.

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