When Profile Talks, Mommy Listens…Sometimes

Now, if Animal Communicators aren’t your thing, disregard this post…

I have a friend that is an AC and I got a half hour reading with Profile tonight. I had already emailed her just to tell her that his behavior has been odd lately and that he was marking again, and I wanted to know if something was up. That’s all I said.

She said that she asked him what was going on and that he was “moody” and “in a snit.” Anyone that has met him can say “well duh!” to that, he’s always like that. She asked what was wrong, and said that his attitude was like “I’ll tell you a little, but not everything.” He told her about a dress that was very big and yellow/gold and showed her a kind of paisley design with lots of colors. He told her he was upset at the woman in that dress, and wouldn’t say anything else.

Sooooo she assumed that was me from the renn fest, only my dress isn’t gold. However…one of my volunteers has a dress matching that description. I mentioned that and he started whining. She said that he was saying I knew who it was and showed her a picture of him outdoors looking up at a blonde woman in that same dress.

Joanne, my friend, a blonde and fellow rennie, wore her gold dress this past weekend.

She went on to say that Profile was very concerned about being left or being taken away by someone else, and that something was happening with Mommy and he was concerned that he was going to be taken away. My friend thought that was a non-sequitor until I remembered a conversation we had at the renn fest this past weekend. Joanne has always teased me that she’s going to take Profile, and we were joking about it this weekend. Profile is a special dog to her, because it was after she saw him sitting and downing and all on command that she decided to try obedience with her boy JD…who now reads flash cards!

Anyway, that’s been a running joke that she loves Profile and she’s going to steal him, or that he secretly wants to come live with her, etc. etc. He told my friend tonight in no uncertain terms that he does NOT want to go live with her and it upsets him when she says that because he thinks she’s going to steal him away from Mommy. He doesn’t want to be anywhere but with me. My Handsome Fella…

So now my assignment is to remind him often that he’s staying with me, and to think of images of me and him snuggling or chilling on the couch or just generally being together.

And I need to tell Joanne about how we need to not make that joke anymore…he apparently knows that when I say I’m going to box him up and ship him off I’m kidding, but when other people say it he gets afraid that it might be true. Thankfully Joanne has seen an AC with her hounds, so she won’t think I’m completely insane.

I thought it was a productive session. I know not everyone believes in Animal Communication, but I do…and anything I can do to love on my Handsome Fella and make sure he knows I’m never going to leave him or give him away…well, the experience can’t be all bad, huh?

(To those planning on commenting that I’m a wack job, save it. Thanks.)

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