My Lefty Liberal Head in the Sand Quote for Today

I have added Bark Bark Woof Woof (“The blog of Mustang Bobby, a writer in South Florida who looks at the world with dry bemusement and tries to get through life without bumping into the furniture. A proud member of the Reality-Based Community.”)to my list of daily reads. My quote of the day comes from a post on his blog titled “Sunday Reading,” dated 2 October 2005, and is in response to Tom DeLay’s comment back in April that a “left-wing syndicate” had focuses its collective ire on him when they could not make headway persecuting Dubya.

Frankly, I think if there was such a thing as a “vast left-wing conspiracy” — an oxymoron if there ever was one — we would not have wasted our time on a pipsqueak like Tom DeLay. We would have won the election in 2000, we would have run the Republicans out of the majority in the Congress and Senate, and we would have opened gay bars and abortion clinics in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Dream big dreams, Tom.

Now I’m off to read more on Dubya’s appointment of Harriet Miers to fill Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat on the Court…I’m not impressed so far with the fact that she is his personal counsel, but we’ll see…

2 thoughts on “My Lefty Liberal Head in the Sand Quote for Today”

  1. The fact that liberals don\’t have any control is not proof that there\’s no \”left-wing conspiracy\” (although I don\’t think liberals can organize well enough or agree on enough issues to really be involved in any kind of massive conspiracy), but rather a simple matter of statistics. 73 percent of the U.S. surveyed in a recent Gallup poll identify themselves as moderate or conservative – with most of those being moderate. The most outspoken liberals are too off-the-charts-left-wing for most moderates. The Democrats frankly need to hog-tie Dean and Kennedy and their ilk and shut them up, because they\’re scaring away people who otherwise might vote Democrat.But look at me, giving aid and comfort to the enemy! As long as Democrats keep moving more and more left, they\’ll keep losing. That thought helps me sleep well at night! 🙂

  2. I don\’t know that he was necessarily saying that… I think it was more to point out the ridiculous finger pointing…what do they call it? Oh, the \”blame game\” that happens when someone such as Mr. DeLay gets caught doing something wrong. It\’s not that he was involved in bad things, oh no…it\’s the liberals that are dreaming up these things to persecute him. Hence the \”Dream On, Tom…\” The same writer says at one point that if he was just indicted once? Yeah, that might be partisan related. Indicted twice? Not bloody likely…

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