(apologies to those who might speak Arabic…especially since I’m just not sure what language that is…)

Weekend one of the Renn Fest is done. Hunky and Profee and I left (literally) at O’Dark-Thirty Saturday morning to drive up to Huntersville. I really can’t WAIT until I live in Greenville so I can take about 45 minutes off that drive…

I was greeted by tales of how our tent was right next to the petting zoo, and that there were chickens and ducks so close that the dogs would snap them up. Also, I had allegedly gotten the IDs for everyone that had had them made prior to dress rehearsal, but they were NOT in my packet. So dress rehearsal for me was waiting patiently to be able to ambush the entertainment director, Rob, with my “concerns.”

The festival understands the prey drive that may be set into motion in a greyhound when he or she sees a chicken. If they decide to feed themselves a raw diet the hard way, we won’t be held liable, responsible, or in contempt. So far it hasn’t been a problem.

We are right next to the bellydancers on the Dutch Door stage, and I’m really enjoying that. The music is incredible and I’ve always been fascinated with that kind of dancing. The title of this post is a phrase they teach the patrons that roughly translated means “You go girl, shake that thing!” I’ve been saying it to Jeany since I’ve been home.

I discovered a new delicacy this weekend…iced chai. Holy MOLY. It’s refreshing and just wonderful. I also had my standard Scotch Egg and lots of iced tea, but I’m going to take some water with me next weekend.

One down, six to go…

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