I’m Late, I’m Late

I was born early. That was the very last time.

This time it’s not my fault, really. This time I’m behind because yesterday my body decided to revolt early in the morning and throw me into some kind of weird stomach flu. I could not get anything done of any substance at all until about noon.

Now, understand that the Renn Fest starts TOMORROW and I was supposed to leave today around noon to stay up there till Sunday. Not going to happen. The plan now is that I will go up there this afternoon to get things set up and then come back home to finish last minute things that must be done. My big tasks that must be completed before noon are that I have to go get food for the dogs, pack up food to take for them for the weekend, and somehow get the concrete greyhound that sits in front of our tent into the car.

I won’t even have time to stop by and give my “nephew” Drew’s birthday present to Amy on my way out of town.

Why am I still sitting here you might wonder? See above body revolt. It’s stress, I know it is…but knowing that only seems to make it worse.

2 thoughts on “I’m Late, I’m Late”

  1. Nan, I think you\’re taking too much on yourself. As director of the HoEF, you could delegate some of the responsibilities, you know.But I know, I know. If you want something done right, you usually have to do it yourself.Is there anything I can do to help? If nothing else, you can call me and vent.

  2. I can\’t even think straight today, let alone vent. I think I\’ll be able to make it by to give you Drew-ble\’s pressie just as you\’re going out for lunch, so that\’s good timing. Besides, you have enough going on now I\’d say… 🙁

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