Some days you just wanna hide…

Mills, under the edge of the sofa cover. 1:45pm, September 28, 2005…for those of you that don’t believe he’s real…Posted by Picasa

4 thoughts on “Some days you just wanna hide…”

  1. That\’s not Mills. That\’s some random stray cat posing as Mills.Mills doesn\’t exist.I\’ve seen Profile, Hunk, Jeanie, Liz, Bo, Franny and Zoe, but I\’ve only seen this purported \”Mills\” once and that was like 5 years ago and I only saw his tail as he was running away from me.So stop the charade, Nancy. Stop the charade.

  2. So next time I need a picture of his tail so that you\’ll recognize him? Is that what you\’re saying? :)And if that\’s not Mills, who is this 13lb monster that\’s lounging on my floor?????

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