Breathe in….Breathe out…

I want to move. I need to be out of this house. There are several reasons for this need, not the least of which is the pile of my “clean” work clothes I found in the sewing room wadded up on the floor…and the white/off white/khaki stuff is PINK.


The UGA shirt I bought when I worked there almost 10 years ago is now pink.

The dishwasher doesn’t wash completely. The washer and dryer don’t work and we have to go to the laundromat. There are mold and mildew in the house…two things to which I am very allergic.

And I’m sharing this lovely living space with someone that doesn’t want me around anymore.

I want to move.

8 thoughts on “Breathe in….Breathe out…”

  1. what are your plans to that effect? i can\’t believe that you\’re still living with him – having said that, i did it for 5 months, so i guess i can! come move to london. 🙂 🙂

  2. I\’m currently looking for a place…possibly to buy.I can\’t move to london, what would I do over there? I\’d have to learn a whole new sign language… 🙁 It sure would be fun to visit though…

  3. BA\’s off season sale- mid Oct – 24 Dec; 2 Jan – 30 March. I think it was $240 round trip, plus junk fees (almost as much as the ticket) from ATL on the BA2227 – BA2226 legs.

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