Handsome Hunky

Handsome Hunky
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This is my current wallpaper…I walked outside to call Hunky in after breakfast and this is what I saw. I swear, sometimes that dog takes my breath away. I just wish he hadn’t heard something behind him just as I snapped the picture…

7 thoughts on “Handsome Hunky”

  1. The biggest concern I have about the booth is the proximity to the large animals. I don\’t want any of our hounds to be freaked out by the elephant/camel rides.

  2. No way…we were right by the guys selling the drums two years ago, drumming all day long…didn\’t phase them. Plus the jingly jingly of the bellydancers got the boyz attention on Sunday, I think they sound like toys to the dogs. 🙂 They love love love the bellydancers…

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