1am blues

Why oh why oh why am I still awake? Yet again, I have a meeting tomorrow morning in Simpsonville (a mere 45 minutes from home IF there’s no traffic and IF I remember quarters for the connector and IF my car can sprout wings…). Yet again, it is 1am and no sleep in sight. It’s not like I slept in this morning or took a nap. I don’t sleep in anymore…I have dogs. Hunky won’t let me sleep much past 7am on any given morning, and I know tomorrow will be worse because Scott will leave super-mega-scary-insano early for work because of his Tuesday morning meetings.

Soothing music is playing on the MP3 player (Alanis Morrissette, JLP Acoustic). Lights are down low. I have taken my claritin and even indulged in some tylenol PM. And yet here I sit, wide-screaming-arse-kicking awake.

I know that it’s stress that is doing this to me. Impending divorce + impending move + no house to move into just yet + job + Zooey’s health + etc etc ad nauseum has left me with an anxious feeling more often than not, elevated blood pressure from time to time, and a general sense of irritability that makes me OH such a joy to be around. It’s a wonder I have any friends left!

Oh…was that a yawn? Maybe I will be able to sleep before 1am after all…though it’s 12:48 right now and I’m still vertical, so I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Ohhh, no, insomnia is the worst.We should get together this weekend and go get manicures or massages or something girly and stress-relieving.

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