My Puzzle Ring

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I was just looking at this ring and thinking about how long I’ve had it. It was given to me by a dear friend named Charles well over ten years ago. I remember when he gave it to me…it was at the Georgia Renn Fest and I had just finished making a wax hand. I remember how beautiful I thought it was and then how horrifying it was to watch the puzzle ring guy throw it onto the counter causing it to come apart. I remember practicing and practicing to put it together. I remember timing myself putting it together on the coach trip we took shortly before we left England in ’95. I remember leaving it in a classroom at UGA and having it returned to me bent, as the person that found it was obviously as motivated as I was to put it together. I remember being so excited recently when I’d lost enough weight to be able to wear it to the renn fest again.

And I remember a tall blonde boy with green eyes who grinned at me and asked “Well, do you like it?” all those years ago in the springtime Georgia sun.

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  1. You better stop with the nostalgia…you can drown in that stuff, ya know. 😉


  2. Yeah yeah yeah I know…but it was a good memory of a good time in my life…so I think I\’ll drown a bit longer before I put it away. 🙂


  3. My mom\’s fell apart a couple of months ago. She can\’t wait to get it fixed… I can\’t wait either, so she\’ll stop complaining!


  4. was this charles from yhc days charles? st andrews charles?


  5. The one and only. My biggest regret where he is concerned is that when we parted ways after seeing Les Mis together 8 years ago we haven\’t spoken to each other since. He was a good friend and I would have liked to have kept in touch with him.


  6. I love puzzle rings and the legends behind them. Thats what I\’ve always wanted for my engagement ring- from the company that works at the CRF- they are the only company that makes PR with Gems. Maybe you can get yourself a new one this year at CRF to commemorate your new life? and erm- cough – might sound gay – marriage to yourself?


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