Katrina Revisited

I am a fringe member of the South Carolina Disaster Response team. I say fringe because I am a member due to my current employment status with the Dept. of Mental Health and because I’m not a clinician. Usually my supervisor would respond if the team is called up but not me. Not until now.

It seems that in the very near future I will be heading to Texas to help out at the Astrodome. Nothing is decided as far as timelines, departure dates, etc., but I understand that we will be looking at 2 weeks there. I am both excited and scared to death…but mostly happy that I will be able to do more than just watch the news feed on CNN.

More info as I get it…

2 thoughts on “Katrina Revisited”

  1. The good thing is that you want to help and that you are not some person who keeps saying, \’oh, I wish\’ and does nothing… not even donate money.

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