I hate this !!

I have a serious character flaw when it comes to things not working as they should. I become irrationally angry and if the thing in question is of a reasonable weight I might even attempt to throw it across the room. It is my understanding that while they do not share my love of projectiles, my father and sister both share this impatience with things that do not do what they are supposed to do, so at least I come by the temper honestly.

My computer has let me down. My sounds and video work erratically at best these days. Sometimes I have sound/video on websites when surfing, sometimes not. Two days ago I could see the video feed on the CNN site. Not so today. Even the music download program I use was screwy today. Musicmatch Jukebox let me preview and download tunes, MSN Music did not. I was using MSN Music because awhile back it would let me preview and download tunes and Musicmatch would not. Seeing a pattern here?

Tonight while playing Everquest I tried to connect to Teamspeak. Not only did Teamspeak refuse to connect to the server, after I closed it I no longer had sound in Everquest.

I’ve reloaded things, reset defaults, done everything but sell my cpu’s soul to the dark side to get things working as they were intended, and nothing is working. I don’t get it!! Admittedly I only have enough computer knowledge to be dangerous, but I know how to check this and troubleshoot that…and I know when to ask for help.

And when the “help” (various customer supports/services) doesn’t know what’s wrong with the machine, I know it’s time to throw it across the room. Clear the floor, houndies…CPU Incoming…

3 thoughts on “I hate this !!”

  1. I think that my computer is crying out to me to stop running both EQ accounts at the same time…And you know, maybe I couldn\’t get the videos to run because CNN was overwhelmed with hits?I had a Mac when I worked at UGA… we had some personality conflicts but it at least never got hurled across my office…

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