I have never been through the direct effect of a hurricane. I watched last August (via an internet message board) as my Daisy girl and her littermates were born during the hurricanes that ravaged Florida. Living in South Carolina, I of course have been told over and over the tale of Hurricane Hugo. I remember a friend of mine in college talking about the interpreter on the TV in Miami during Hurricane Andrew. But I have never in my life seen anything that has hurt my heart as much as what I’m seeing on the news coming out of New Orleans and the gulf coast of Mississippi.

The one man (that I’m sure everyone has seen on CNN by now) who lost his wife…he was holding onto her arm to keep her on their roof and after she told him that he couldn’t keep that up she slipped into the water and was washed away…even the reporter on CNN was in tears…

I’ll be lighting candles, saying prayers, and checking in to see if the state of SC will be lending our disaster team to Louisiana…bless all their hearts. May they find relief from the wet and damp…may they find some comfort.

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  1. Well, you see, I didn\’t know that about the wife. You made me cry.That is truely sad. I know some people over there, and they got out safe, thank goodness.

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