An Open Apology to Anonymous Commenters

You’re no longer going to be able to post anonymous comments to my blog. Sorry. If you are incensed over your new inability to comment on my blog without registering for blogger, here is a list of the folks that you can hold responsible for this change. Thanks to these folks using my blog as a marketing tool, I’ve changed the formatting of the comments section.

##home based business##

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recycling and recycle center

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Subliminal Messages

The Subliminal Messages guy got an email from me, as his was the first comment to come in. You can be sure if I get a response it will get posted here.

Here’s my absolute favorite one:

herpes simplex type

Yeah, I’m giving them recognition by posting here, I realize that. But I’m also giving them some bad press…these folks chose to use my blog for marketing purposes. Tsk Tsk…

I’m also considering that since I got all of these comments in the space of about 3 minutes that I’ve been targeted for a spam attack. No matter. I’ll get to the bottom of that as well, if that is the case.

In the meantime, to you who have been posting anonymously, I’m sorry. You’re going to have to register to post a comment now. Thank the spammers listed above.

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