Hello Insomnia, My Old Friend…

It’s 20 minutes to 2 and I am awake. Not just slightly awake. Not mildly sleepy. I am wide-screaming-arse awake. Very awake. Quite possibly more awake than I’ve been all day.

Never mind that I have to work tomorrow, or that in just 3.5 short hours the alarm will be going off to rouse Scott for work. Never mind that said alarm clock is next to my head.

I tried Everquest, but I’m too annoyed at myself for being awake still to be able to play effectively. After the second time I dropped my new halfling (think hobbit) druid into the mining pit it stopped being funny. Okay, the first time I was running away from a monster and wasn’t watching where I was going, but the second time it was a beautiful swan dive…but I digress.

Still awake. 15 to 2. My brain won’t slow down long enough to contemplate sleep. I’m thinking of the thud it made when the druid hit the bottom of the pit…I’m thinking how much I want a deerhound puppy…I’m wondering where I’m going to move and if I’ll have a fenced yard for the puppers I already have…I’m wishing I could have seen Daisy before she went to school…I’m contemplating how late I can sleep tomorrow if I have to go in to interpret…and somewhere in all that is Alanis Morrissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” stuck on permanent repeat.

I guess I’ll go get horizontal and see what happens. I’m doing all the things that those in the know tell you NOT to do when you need to sleep. I’m sitting up in a desk chair that was comfortable several hours ago. The TV is on. I’m on the computer. I should be in a dark place relaxing.

Yeah, if I could relax that might work.

Back to the deerhound puppy…someone on Greytalk just got one and he is just the cutest thing! I think a little deerhound sister would be a good thing for my boys, and I’d have my coursing/new rennie hound! I have no interest in owning a wolfhound…too big. No interest in owning a borzoi…same reason as the wolfhound plus I’ve heard of a little bit of cuckoo running in that breed…sort of like the thing with springer spaniels. Really the only sighthound I’d want other than a greyhound is a deerhound…someday.

At least if I had a puppy I wouldn’t be alone being awake at almost 2am…

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