Faith in Humanity Partially Restored…

Remember the duplex that I had decided not to go see? It really wasn’t a good fit for me anyway, not enough space and no yard for the boys. And…it’s a duplex, it’s attached to someone else’s house. I emailed the folks to tell them, and got the NICEST email in response! Here’s a quote:

I know you will be a great tenant for whoever is your new landlord. People who are parents of greyhounds are special, and I’m really sorry that all of my larger places are not available. I would like to have met you in person.

I mean, of course I agree that people with greyhounds are special…it takes a special person to put up with these aliens-masquerading-as-dogs…but the fact that she called me the “parent” of a greyhound meant a lot to me. There are not many folks in my life that really “get” the relationship I have with my animals and how much they are my family…so for a stranger to not only “get” it but appreciate it was pretty neat.

I also had an interesting if not accidental conversation with one of my soon to be ex-inlaws today. That actually made me sad because I hadn’t let myself think about how much I’m going to miss them…how much I wished that his mom could have been my kids’ grandmother…and just how much fun I have with them. I was encouraged to keep in touch and assured that there were no hard feelings…but it was still just weird. Weird and very, very sad…

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