Did you know how much water it takes for a toilet to properly flush? Are you aware of how difficult it is to rinse off a battery powered toothbrush with just a dixie cup of water? Am I launching into my savetheworld/conservewater/beahippy routine?


Thanks to our having to get a PO box and our mail getting a bit wonky, we think that we missed the notice that we’d forgotten to pay the water bill. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Yesterday morning, I took a shower as usual and headed to the hospital for work. Curse the luck. If I’d been working from home, we would still have water right now.

I got home after 5pm and did my normal things…got out dinner for the dogs and then went to wash my hands after getting the turkey necks out. No water. Hmmmm. Perhaps it’s just the kitchen sink. No water in the bathroom. This is a problem. Check the toilet tank. Bone dry. Panic sets in.

By the time Scott got home from work I had completely flipped out. I was so mad. He found the notice on the front door that we were delinquent in payment (we never got a bill!) and tried to go manually turn the water back on, but they’d put a lock on it. Makes sense, they didn’t turn it off for us just to be able to turn it back on.

So now, the next morning, we still have no water. Somehow the deal worked out that the water Scott bought last night (7 huge containers) would be used for him to get ready to go to work and I’d just stay here with none…I’m thinking that was because I didn’t wake up when he did. I just want to go back to sleep and stay there till the water comes back on, but instead I have to go get more water…there are still 6 animals and one human in the house getting mighty thirsty…

5 thoughts on “Drip…drip…drip…”

  1. Oh no! This happened to us a couple of months ago. Funny – the water bill is the only bill Charles has to remember to pay…I guess now we know why it\’s the only one.Anyway, after having to buy bottled water and heat it on the stove to make baby formula for the night, we set up our water bill payment to be deducted automatically from our bank./hug Nancy

  2. You wake up too early Nancy!I woke up at 11:30 only because someone called, so I wouldn\’t have any water…That really sucks. Although, I\’m addicted to sodas and there are a bunch of them in the house… I give another hug! It\’ll be ok!!!!

  3. gah i\’d die– I\’m up at 530 everymorning and and after a few hours of work (around 8) is when i\’m finally ready for my morning shower and a break from the comp— what a painful surprise this would be! Thankfully every flavored water bottle we\’ve bought in the past few months (refilled with tap water) plus a 5 gallon water picture is always hogging the whole top shelf in the fridge for drinking water (ice cold) lol sometimes the picture gets frozen at the top.

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