I’ve had one of those LIVES

I sometimes think that I was born with my foot in my mouth. Over the almost 34 years that I’ve been alive, I’ve definitely acquired a taste for shoe-leather. However, I am also unfortunately stricken with a near inability to lie…or even be tactfully vague…so sometimes I get myself into heaps of trouble by just opening my mouth.

A recent example:
Yesterday I made a post to a large message board stating that I had shared a similar experience to the original poster. The experience was in reference to being part of a social welfare type organization that was stretched tight for funds. (If this seems intentionally vague, it is…and you have NO idea how hard it is for me to make sure I don’t just blurt something out that is in the least identifying!!) I was in a hurry when I posted, and as usual included the bare facts and my feelings of frustration caused by the situation that was similar.

Little did I know…

A current member of said organization posted after I did that the situation needed to be looked into as I was not clear in my post. Was my ire directed at the situation or the group? Before I had a chance to edit my hastily typed out post OR even respond to the current member, my email notification goes off.

An email from the director of the group… I responded, and quick as lightning, there was another email from the director. Let me sum up the emails:

I needed to stop spreading false impressions. I needed to discuss the situation (which happened several years ago, I might add, before the aforementioned current member was even affliated with the group!) with the director and get my facts straight. I needed to learn to be careful when posting in a public forum. When I asked for the director (and anyone else involved) to take a deep breath, I sound condescending. There were also the vague references stating that what I remember to be the truth might not be so.

In my typical open-mouth insert-left-side-of-body fashion, I defended myself, saying that I had only spoken the truth, and that while my post was not clear as originally written, I had returned to the post and added a paragraph of clarification. (In addition, when someone today posted that she still did not understand the situation, I sent her a lengthy private message again explaining the situation and additionally making the group look like shining examples of social responsibility.)

There were other emails that followed, but it was really just more of the same.

Just a big reminder why it is that I no longer volunteer my time with organizations… My big mouth eventually gets me in trouble and it just leads to drama…and I’ve got enough of that in my life, thanks.

I was so put out by all of that yesterday that I actually tried to walk away from the computer and spend some time doing fun stuff…in between naps to try and alleviate my migraine. I ended up laughing the entire thing off, but it was a good reminder that I am my own worst enemy…why didn’t I learn to lie well when I was a child like everyone else does?

“Tomorrow’s another day…and I’m thirsty anyway…so bring on the rain….”
-JoDee Messina

3 thoughts on “I’ve had one of those LIVES”

  1. Good thing you had a foot in your mouth… I wasn\’t born to do it! Tee hee, I know, I\’m so funny.I believe my mouth gets me in trouble too. Mainly \’cause I\’m blunt, and I \”dislike\” many people…. It\’s their own fault for getting on my bad side.Of course, you know, I\’m so sweet and innocent and would never hurt a fly.*looks for clouds of rain over head*-Kalyne

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