It’s Official!!!

My raise was approved, and takes effect August 2nd, 2005. (Yes, I know today is the 10th.) I will continue to be a resident of the State of South Carolina…and now have to find somewhere in the Greenville area to live.

I don’t feel much different today, oddly enough. I guess that I had just prepared so much for it to go the other way so that I wouldn’t be upset over having to move that when it went this way it was like, “oh well, good.”

I’ve already started working on what I want the inside of my new place to look like, but I think I’m going to have to head to Goodwill rather than Pier One. I compiled a list using their Build-A-Room feature, but I can no more afford that stuff than I can fly to the moon. Ah well, dare to dream, eh?

Anyway, off to get ready to start my new life!!! If I can just get the old one sorted into boxes that is…

4 thoughts on “It’s Official!!!

  1. Yay – i\’m glad it worked out for the best. 🙂 Are you still living with ex-to-be or elsewhere? and what sort of time frame do you have to move?


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