It’s Official!!!

My raise was approved, and takes effect August 2nd, 2005. (Yes, I know today is the 10th.) I will continue to be a resident of the State of South Carolina…and now have to find somewhere in the Greenville area to live.

I don’t feel much different today, oddly enough. I guess that I had just prepared so much for it to go the other way so that I wouldn’t be upset over having to move that when it went this way it was like, “oh well, good.”

I’ve already started working on what I want the inside of my new place to look like, but I think I’m going to have to head to Goodwill rather than Pier One. I compiled a list using their Build-A-Room feature, but I can no more afford that stuff than I can fly to the moon. Ah well, dare to dream, eh?

Anyway, off to get ready to start my new life!!! If I can just get the old one sorted into boxes that is…

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  1. Congratulations Nan! One less thing to worry about is always nice. 🙂


  2. Yay – i\’m glad it worked out for the best. 🙂 Are you still living with ex-to-be or elsewhere? and what sort of time frame do you have to move?


  3. Gratz Nan! Now you can actually have FUN with the decorating and apartment hunting since you dont have to rush around. Thats awesome!


  4. Yay for Nancy!-Kalyne


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