What was it I said about liking my dogs better?

Two examples in the relatively short time I’ve been vertical today have reminded me why it is that I prefer the company of my animals to most people.

Example the First:

I am a semi-regular contributor to a LARGE message board devoted to greyhounds. I know that isn’t a surprise to anyone. This board is moderated, and it seems that lately the mods have become quite pleased with the “power” that they have over the rest of us peons and have made some changes to the board that a lot of us peons think are ridiculous. For instance, and the aforementioned Example: A friend of mine has been banned from that board because he regularly butts heads with the mods…not intentionally, mind you, but it seems that they always find something wrong in his posts, his photos in the member galleries, etc. and would suspend him for a few days. Well…it seems this time he’s been suspended/banned/etc for good. The mods deleted his photo gallery which is sad, he had a lot of INCREDIBLE racing photos in there. They deleted a huge chunk of his posts. They also set up the board so that if anyone else mentions the name of his greyhound in a post, the name is changed to the word Fer-ret.

Silly me, I was under the impression that we were all adults here?

Why does this irk me so much, I’m sure you’re wondering by now…Sure, I’m a Momma Bear when someone is ugly to a friend of mine…just my nature. But this time it directly affects me. You see, I made a movie for my friend of his girl, and now, if you type the name of the movie into a post, it comes up Fer-ret:the Movie. I worked very hard on that, and I do NOT appreciate them changing the name of my work when it is posted to that board just because they are immature losers on a power trip.

You watch…I’ll be the next one banned. Guess I should start saving the pictures in my member gallery.

Example the Second:

I get email notification when someone leaves a comment on my blog. Imagine my surprise to find a comment left on my dog blog that I haven’t updated since we lost Liz. In fact, the comment was left on the last entry I made which still makes me cry to read. It talks about how I am not sure how I’ll know it’s 4:30pm anymore without Lizzard aaaawoooofffing to let me know. I thought perhaps I had touched someone with that post, or maybe someone that knew her hadn’t been informed of her death?

No. Hardly.

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Hope to hear from you soon!

This is why I tend to set up my blogs so that only registered users can comment. That made me so angry that I almost called the number just to complain…but a. it’s a long distance number and b. I’d be ugly about it, and that’s not part of the new me.

I love my animals.

3 thoughts on “What was it I said about liking my dogs better?”

  1. wow talk about total suppression of rights. I\’ve never read any posts by the person you mentioned to be offensive. I cant believe they did that. That annoys me enough to go to the forum and post like a madwoman. But right now I dont have the energy. And now to demoralize your dog blog with marketing? WTF?? what is this world coming to??? I just posted my obituary for Common Sense that my gma sent me and when I viewed it I clicked your link on my page to see if you\’d updated… how uncanny that you are discussing exactly what i posted about.

  2. Nan, that\’s awful about Lizzie\’s blog. It makes me wish I had left a comment when I first saw it, when it made me cry. If you\’d like to send me the number for those awful people, I will call them and b!Tc# them out a lot, because I\’m having a bad day and I get free long distance.It\’s Grace from FTH, btw… I love your blog, you\’re so funny… I hope you don\’t mind me commenting, since we don\’t really know each other…

  3. Grace, I don\’t mind a bit!!! I consider you a friend, so comment away! I\’m glad that you enjoy reading it. 🙂

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