Just a bit more stress, eh?

So 5pm came and went today with no offer from DMH. I admit to being devastated. Somehow I thought that it would just all magically materialize on time and I would get the offer I wanted and blammo, all would be well.


Our HR person was out this afternoon, so the offer could be there. Could be. Won’t know till Monday. Meanwhile my parents finally admitted that they didn’t want me to move to Greenville because “we’ll never see you again if you move there instead of back home to Georgia.”


So I’m in a holding pattern till Monday. Still. Holding…

4 thoughts on “Just a bit more stress, eh?”

  1. hang in there. I was talking with a friend that was in a situation similar to yours (a long term employer, wasn\’t completely unsatisfied with them, had another offer on the table and was looking for the current employer to match a new job that paid more and had prospects of pay raises in the future). He said, \”tell her to ask the state to back date the new pay level a year or two.\”Just a thought.The thing is,you\’re in the cat bird\’s seat. You can say whether or not the terms to stay in SC are good enough for you… just as long as you don\’t tell them that you would rather stay in SC.

  2. I know this is a bummer Nan, keep your chin up. Somewhere in this stress there will be something good to come out of it. I know I keep saying this, but you\’ve seen how much stuff I go through and somewhere along the line I finally get a little break. It will happen for you too. I\’m sorry its not working out for you as fast as you\’d like. We all like to tie up loose ends and have immediate gratification so we can move on to the next task. I feel and share your frustration hun. /hugs

  3. After a little more thinking about this today- yeah I read your blog and think a lot. Think about how I know how hard things are for you, I know exactly how you feel, really I absolutely do. But the one thing I can say out of all of this misery, is that even though you feel like you are losing touch, losing the will to continue and try to get one step further into wrapping things up; every single moment you make it through is one moment closer to the end of this misery. One step closer to tieing it all up in a pretty or ugly bow, however you want to view it, now it seems ugly, but maybe later on once you have made it clear of all this madness – you will be able to look back on it and say OMG I remember how helpless and hopeless I felt – and believe it or not– these are the times that you really do need to live through (especially now really – and I do have a point) you\’re going through this seemingly alone- but really your not- I\’m here, Amy\’s here, Dave and Susan, Elizabeth, etc. So many to name. Not to mention- you still have company at home with you- whatever it amounts to. My point is– you are going through this now and learning to be absolutely independent- you are building your own life skills to be able to survive out on your own- living alone- and not having someone there everyday when you come home to protect you or comfort you in person. This is your build up so that when you get out on your own you will have already gained so much more strength from these situations, that what you used to consider big things will seem so much less distressing compared to what you are living through now– when you are out on your own you will be able to breeze through with the slightest bumps in your path. The biggest thing I really do believe- is you really do need to take one of us up on our offer to get away- get out of the environment- get some peace- a little relaxation- as big amount of TIME to yourself to relax and rejuvenate as you can get (work and $ depending obviously) be it a long weekend or a week or 2 weeks away to just wind down. It will be much more difficult to continue on your same path without recharging yourself. Even if you dont take any of us up- go take the boyz camping for a weekend- or go for a weekend to a small touristy type village and just window shop for hours on end- with no one to answer to- no phones ringing- concentrating all your efforts on relaxing and enjoying yourself and look at the day- the birds flying above- whatever makes you happy and peaceful. And most of all- dont think about anything thats going on at home– just leave it there. The time you take should be your time and yours alone. You\’ve earned it. You\’ve fought a good fight, now its time to rest and get ready for the next round.

  4. Oh Nan! I know that\’s so disappointing…but I think things will work out for you.You\’re in my thoughts and prayers.Let us know as soon as you hear something!

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