But wait, there’s more!!!

Two days to go, and I now have to get an offer in writing from GPC to send to Columbia so that they can approve the raise in salary. Two days. Oh, and there was a patient admitted to inpatient tonight. Oh, and I had a huge argument with a friend today. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the cats ran out of food last night and didn’t get fed till tonight…or that Profile is scratching himself raw…

The urge to get in the car and just drive was strong today…but as of now I’m still in SC. I just really really really hate the limbo. I hate for the direction my life is going to take to be up to someone else at the moment.

I think I need medication…or just a break. 🙂

3 thoughts on “But wait, there’s more!!!”

  1. There\’s a martini kit waiting to be broken in. Vodka works well with all my problems!There\’s also and extra room and a couple of sets of ears to listen.Holler any time, drive if you need to.

  2. Yes, door is always open here as well– give you lots of time to drive and burn off some anger- or just hop a plane and me and the boyz be waiting at the gate for you. Me and the boyz always looking for an excuse to check out some beaches- be a tourist in NYC, or just plain get away from the disease in this house as well! With my new found added income I can help with plane fair and hotels to get away from here – just let me know a good time for you!!

  3. you\’re always welcome to come over here as well. 🙂 i drove past scunthorpe the other week, actually and thought of you. i think a few deep breaths and the belief that all will eventually sort itself out would go far. nig hug. 🙂

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