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This holding pattern is starting to feel comfy, I’ve been in it since…February? Here’s a bit of background for those that have been fortunate enough NOT to be within earshot over the past six months. I started looking for another job in February because I knew that Scott and I would be getting a divorce and I wanted to be ready to move. I found the Interpreter Coordinator position available with Georgia Perimeter College in Decatur and applied. I heard nothing. After a long period of nothing, I heard that they had not only already interviewed someone but were waiting on her decision. I decided to apply for the staff interpreter position there and rinse/repeat/wait. Finally I heard from them that my interview will be shortly after the first of June, when the aforementioned terp coordinator starts. No problem.

First of June rolls around. Middle of June rolls around. End of June. I hear nothing. I email and ask, and hear nothing. Finally, while I’m at the RID conference in Texas the second week of JULY, I get an email to set up my interview. Now keep in mind I’d been told my first day at GPC would be August 15th, one month from the interview date.

So with no place to live lined up or really any plans in place, I went to the interview. Now don’t misunderstand me, the GPC job is a great one. The salary is good and it’s a 9 month position with summers off. However…while I was at RID I really started thinking about what KIND of interpreting I like to do. I do like educational, it’s true…because by comparison it’s really easy. Steady hours, the same clients over and over, and a chance to prepare ahead of time with textbooks and other materials. But I really enjoy the challenge of mental health interpreting as well. If nothing else, the things that the human brain can do to itself are just fascinating to me. Also, I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at what I’m doing now…

So I came back from my interview and told Roger what I was offered, and he started the process to make a counter offer. I didn’t hold out much hope for that…after all, I’ve been here almost 7 years and had only negligible raises to date. But somehow he got my center director and HR person to approve a fairly substantial raise, and it’s currently awaiting approval by the folks in Columbia.

I also hear that GPC might raise their offer. Gosh, it’s nice to be wanted, but right now I’m leaning toward staying in SC if the DMH offer is approved. Not as far to move…closer to Jeany…and still able to do the Carolina Renn Fest in the fall…less stress in an already stressed out life is always a good thing.

Just gotta find a place to live in Greenville…

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  1. It can still be easy, I just need to make a more concentrated effort to be in Georgia when I know you\’re home… 🙂

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