A Suggestion for Lunch

Y’all…Let me share something wonderful I’ve discovered. One day Scott came home from the grocery with “Heluva Good” sharp cheddar cheese, presumably b/c he thought the name was amusing.

It was the best cheese I’ve ever had.

Today, for lunch, I’m having Heluva Good Bacon Horseradish dip with Fritos. Not terribly atkins but who cares. MAN is this stuff good. And the website, featured in the title above, has recipes for using their products in other stuff. I can’t wait to make my own hummus using their dill dip!!

Try it. Lives up to the name.

1 thought on “A Suggestion for Lunch”

  1. hey- speaking of diets- ima post on my blog the diet im starting this tuesday– check and see what you think. Its GUARANTEED to lose 10 lbs a week. Its a chemical diet- forces breakdown of cellulos etc. The only thing I think I\’ll have a problem with is the grapefruit- but i think i can plug my nose long enough and shove it down really really fast.

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