Me again

Yeah, so it’s a bloggy kinda day. The A/C is acting up so it’s hot in here, there’s another of the typical afternoon thunderstorms we get this time of year threatening, and I just feel like a bump on a log.

I live in a relatively good neighborhood…or so I thought. Relatively safe, anyway…however…

Some time ago, Scott told me that our neighbors had told him that the sheriff’s department was contacting folks here to warn them that someone was stealing checks out of mailboxes on our street. ON MY STREET! Why they were warning and not…I don’t know…doing something about it I am not sure, but far be it from me to question the ways of law enforcement.

Well, the unthinkable has happened to us. Scott’s old employer owed him some money, and sent us a check that we never got. We waited and waited and finally had to ask them to directly deposit the money. It was only after that was done that the company discovered that the check actually had arrived in our mailbox, only to be removed and cashed at a gas station here in Anderson.

Someone stole from us!!! I feel rather violated…not as bad as I did the time my tires got slashed in college because I knew the person that did the slashing. But to know that it was probably while I was working from the house is disturbing. It has been reported to the authorities, however, and we will be getting a post office box for the remainder of our time in this house.


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  1. It was a jerk that I ratted out for being QUITE noisy with his girlfriend waaaaay past curfew in a dorm when I was at Maryville. 🙂

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