I like electrons. Hello!

If you’ve read my dog blog, “Dog Days,” then you know who I am already. If you haven’t, let me introduce myself. I’m Nan, and this is my blog. I’m a 30-something sign language interpreter currently living in South Carolina but most likely moving back home to Georgia very soon. While I still plan to post to my dog blog, I needed some space from it after I lost my 15yr old greyhound Liz, whose beautiful face adorns the template for that blog. (Many thanks to my non greyhound friend liz dunne for the template!!)

“Isn’t the lettuce brave?” comes from a workshop I recently attended at my national professional conference. The workshop’s topic was American Sign Language Dysfluency in psychotic deaf patients…a fancy way to say that the language of a mentally ill deaf person is sometimes a bit wacky…but to me it’s fascinating. Anyway, the lettuce quote was a response by a mentally ill person to a question posed by a clinician, and I just thought it was great!! The title of this post came from the same person, at the end of the lettuce paragraph.

So anyway…this is me, and this is my blog. Enjoy.

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